I'm finally dropping the new record with DJ  Able.  This is a true collaboration on some DJ & MC shit.  We have been rocking live for a decade and now we dropping a record.  The first track is called Certified Nutz.  The release party is 8/20 at the Blue Moon in Seattle.  More dates to be announced soon! 

Peep the new video.  South Seattle Steez.  Directed/Shot/Edited by Collin Breit, beat by Urrks.  Please feel to share with your peeps.


Peep the new EP.  This is some next level type shit. Try it out. Pay what you can afford. All proceeds go towards the making of my 4th LP. Peace! 


Happy New Years everyone. I'm giving you a new track called "Supposed To Be."  It's off my new EP called "Beauty of a Curse"  Enjoy!  And come to the release party if you're in the NW.



Directed by Naython Vane. Produced by Product Eon. Raps by Tulsi. Filmed in New Orleans. This is off the Negative Space EP you can get HERE.


05/10 - Tempe, Stray Cat
05/11 - Tucson, TBD
05/12 - San Diego, TBD
05/13 - Santa Monica, TRiP
05/14 - Las Vegas, LVCS
05/15 - Albuquerque, Sister
05/16 - Santa Fe, The Underground
05/17 - Denver, Next Door Lounge
05/18 - Salt Lake City, TBD

I just showed my new FILM entitled BURN ME DOWN. I'm proud to tell you that it was very well received! Now it's up for sale. Burn Me Down is a character piece set to music (Stock Footage EP) following the ups and downs of DAYDREAM JOHNNY. The film is told through the lyrics and imagery of Daydream Johnny, a low-level street hustler on a quest for fame and love. This is the most creative and ambitious project I have ever released. It took many blood, sweat, and tears from myself (writer & actor), Collin Breit (producer & editor) and Naython Vane (director & photographer) to bring this to you.  We think you will dig it!

  • *All of the proceeds go into the making of part 2
  • *Independently financed and filmed entirely in Seattle
  • *Beats featured produced by Specs One, BUDO, Phreewil, Commissioner Gordon and more
  • *The DVD comes with the Digital Download EP by Daydream Johnny
  • *Free Shipping!

 Click PAYPAL BUTTON to buy the DVD & D/L - $15 (free shipping)

Here is the video/promo to introduce the modern day crooner and luminary DAYDREAM JOHNNY...



Here is the track SPACED OUT for free download, cop it:

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