I just showed my new FILM entitled BURN ME DOWN. I'm proud to tell you that it was very well received! Now it's up for sale. Burn Me Down is a character piece set to music (Stock Footage EP) following the ups and downs of DAYDREAM JOHNNY. The film is told through the lyrics and imagery of Daydream Johnny, a low-level street hustler on a quest for fame and love. This is the most creative and ambitious project I have ever released. It took many blood, sweat, and tears from myself (writer & actor), Collin Breit (producer & editor) and Naython Vane (director & photographer) to bring this to you.  We think you will dig it!

  • *All of the proceeds go into the making of part 2
  • *Independently financed and filmed entirely in Seattle
  • *Beats featured produced by Specs One, BUDO, Phreewil, Commissioner Gordon and more
  • *The DVD comes with the Digital Download EP by Daydream Johnny
  • *Free Shipping!

 Click PAYPAL BUTTON to buy the DVD & D/L - $15 (free shipping)

Here is the video/promo to introduce the modern day crooner and luminary DAYDREAM JOHNNY...



Here is the track SPACED OUT for free download, cop it:


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