05/10 - Tempe, Stray Cat
05/11 - Tucson, TBD
05/12 - San Diego, TBD
05/13 - Santa Monica, TRiP
05/14 - Las Vegas, LVCS
05/15 - Albuquerque, Sister
05/16 - Santa Fe, The Underground
05/17 - Denver, Next Door Lounge
05/18 - Salt Lake City, TBD


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October 13, 2013 @02:15 am Immigration got the usual election year lip svreice. Which is always gonna happen cause, especially now, they have to speak to latino issues, and somehow immigration seems to be the only latino political issue come to think of it thats kind of offensive..lol..someone should write these people a note to let them know that ALOT of us were actually born here! we're Americans damn it! Anyway thats another subject, back to immigration reform, i really hope that something gets done about it in obamas second term..but to be honest i dont think much will happen but a band-aid and more kickin the can down the road.The elections are over and the democrats beat republicans as far as latino votes, like usual, so the dems dont have to do shit, they always beat republicans..Its probably gonna be republicans who push hard for it now funny as it may seem cause they have alot of catchin up to do. So what better way to get back latinos then to be the party who actually fixed it thats how things get done..when theyre fighting for your votes.. I think the more likely scenario is that nothin much happens until around the next election cycle.. then theyll really have to deal with it..Im not optimistic that comprehensive immigration reform will get done because Obama won, but i am optimistic we will get it done simply because we have to, its long overdue, and the illegals as boogeymen angle has run its course..i think Americans are ready for immigration reform. Like always politicians will get it done .when theres not as much political price to pay. But i also think whats holding it back is the whole what do u do with the illegals who are already here? It is a big question..and the answers bound to piss somebody off. Agnes

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